Love is in Da Blog – Feb 20: Caribbean Queen #LoIsInDaBl23

For today’s Love is in Da Blog musical prompt – a reggae song from your 40s – I had to reach back to my mid-30s and choose a song by the only two singers I can sort-of-kind-of associate a reggae song with, and I’m probably stretching the reggae genre here, but reggae was/is not on my music radar:

Eddy Grant and Billy Ocean.

I know them because of the two movies in which they sang the theme songs, Romancing the Stone (Eddy Grant) and Jewel of the Nile (Billy Ocean).

Billy Ocean in 2012
Billy Ocean – 2012 CC License

Since I am passingly familiar with several of Billy Ocean’s not-reggae-type songs and only one of Eddy Grant’s songs, I chose the Billy Ocean song Caribbean Queen (No More Love on the Run). Caribbean Queen has a cool saxophone solo, and you can never go wrong with a saxophone solo.

The lyrics start out with the singer being infatuated with a woman who caught his eye as she dashed by in painted on jeans. He soon has her number and her name. The first two verses hint of a purely sexual relationship but, by the end of the song …our hearts they beat as one. No more love on the run.

I like their instant attraction developing into a long-term relationship.

Caribbean Queen topped several music charts in 1984.

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