Love is in Da Blog – Feb 21: Brenda Fassie – Wedding Day #LoIsInDaBl23

The prompt today for Love is in Da Blog is a love song from Africa. I had to do an Internet search for this one, and I came up with an absolutely delightful, toe-tapping, feel good song by the “Queen of African Pop”, Brenda Fassie:

Wedding Day

The information on Wikipedia about Brenda Fassie offers a picture of a woman who, during her brief lifetime (Nov. 1964 to May 2004), not only lived life in the fast lane, but was also involved in social issues, such as using her music to oppose the apartheid regime in South Africa. This South Africa History Online article about Ms. Fassie has even more fascinating information about her life.

The video is delightfully upbeat and fun. I didn’t find a release date for Wedding Day as a single. I searched each of her albums and found Wedding Day on “Legends” (2008) and “Love Songs” (2008). You’ll note 2008 is four years after she died. I did find a song called “The Wedding” on her 1988 album “Umuntu Umuntu Ngabantu”, but I didn’t find lyrics to compare the two songs. Maybe someone reading this knows the actual release/recording date of Wedding Day and you’ll let me know.

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