Stop me before I write again #dailyprompt #writing

What is one question you hate to be asked? Explain.

I realize the people who ask this question mean well and are making polite conversation, but it still irks me.

“Are you still writing?”

I respond with a pasted-on smile and a simple, “Yes.” Inwardly, I’ve gone Nicholas Cage on them. OF COURSE I’m still writing. I’m an author. I do that. I can’t not write.

Am I still writing? (snort, scoff) That question alludes to writing being something that can be cured with a shot of penicillin.

Ask me a question that deserves a response. What are you working on now? What’s the latest book you’ve published?

Or maybe don’t ask at all.

Until next time,
Kaye Spencer
writing through history one romance upon a time


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