Apparently, I’m missing something #dailyprompt #blogging

What is the last thing you learned?

The last thing I learned happened yesterday, when I decided to answer a daily prompt for the first time.

After spending entirely too much time and employing a plethora of colorful metaphors, I discovered:

1) While I can find daily prompts through the Reader and tags features from my site’s dashboard when I use my computer, and I can read the daily prompt via notifications through the Jetpac app on my phone…

2) I can only initiate a response to a daily prompt via my phone.

So I muscled my way through writing in block format on my phone. (I’m still using Classic WordPress on my computer…Get off my lawn!) I added an image, and I hit Publish.

3) I received a notification via the Jetpac app that my response was published.

Liar. Liar. Pants on fire.

4) Checking from my computer, my response did not show up in my published or draft posts. It simply didn’t exist.

[insert more colorful metaphors]

But, I also learned…

4) As long as I begin writing a response to a daily prompt via my phone, I can save it as Draft, and it shows up on my WordPress dashboard via my computer, and I can work on it from there.

Geesh. At least I’ve learned a work-around.

Until next time,
Kaye Spencer
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