Television series I’ve watched more than 5 times #dailyprompt

What movies or TV series have you watched more than 5 times?

I watch a lot of movies over and over. And I do mean a lot. It would be unwieldly to even attempt to list them. I will say the one movie I’ve watched the most times, and continue to watch, is The Princess Bride.







I will, however, share the three, and only three, television shows (series) that I’ve watched many more than five times.

All three of these shows were cancelled long before they should have been, and I’ve never fully recovered emotionally from their premature cancellations. 😉

Star Trek (original series) 1966 – 1969





Beauty and the Beast  1987 – 1990







Firefly  2002 – 2003







Those are it. I’ve not watched any other television series. Not a single one.

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Kaye Spencer
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