Hit Song Remakes 3/17/2023 #FibbingFriday #writingprompt

It’s Fibbing Friday! Di at Pensitivity invites us to respond to 10 questions with outlandish lies, little fibs, straight up silliness, or plain old whoppers…all in good taste and family-friendly, of course.





Today’s fibbing challenge is Hit Remakes

Who could have recorded the following (responses don’t have to be singers), or had it for their signature tune?

1. Cinderella Rockefella – KISS and the Ugly Stepbrothers
2. I want it all – The Tantrum-Toddlers

toddler holding assorted-color Crayola lot





3. I’m just a lonely boy – The Phantom of the Opera
4. Here comes the night – Rocky Raccoon and the Raiders of the Backyard Chicken Coop
5. All I have to do is dream – Fantine
6. Wand’rin’ Star – Halley’s Comet and the Galaxy Travelers
7. Rock on – Sisyphus
8. Purple Rain – Henny Penny and the Sky is Falling Flock

brown hen on green grass field during daytime





9. When will I see You Again – Orpheus
10. You can’t hurry love – Cupid’s Arrows

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Kaye Spencer
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