Fibbing Friday – Random Questions 3/24/2023 #FibbingFriday

It’s Fibbing Friday!

Di at Pensitivity invites us to respond to 10 questions with outlandish lies, little fibs, straight up silliness, or plain old whoppers…all in good taste and family-friendly, of course.

What did the quick brown fox leap over?
The moon

What were the Window Cleaner’s confessions?
What really happened to Jimmy Hoffa and the location of Amelia Earhart’s crash site

What was The Mad Hatter’s true occupation?
Bouncer at door at the end of the rabbit hole tunnel

Why did Cinderella lose her glass slipper?
She took it off to smack a cockroach.

Why do people in old TV shows and movies spend so much time sitting on their front porch?
To take potshots at traveling salesmen


What happened to the three little pigs?
They became building code inspectors.

What is Air Force One?
The amount of ‘Gs’ exerted upon peoole when they ride a carousel

Who brings the Easter Eggs?

Who was Harvey?
A big white invisible rabbit that brings Easter eggs

What is quick silver?
Long John Silver’s speedy cat

Until next time,
Kaye Spencer
writing through history one romance upon a time


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