The Last Thing I Emptied #SoCS 3/25/2023 Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS 

“The last thing I emptied” is today’s stream of consciousness prompt from Linda.

Here on the Colorado High Plains, I live in the ‘bowl’ of the 1930s Dust Bowl area. During the Dirty Thirties, 10 inches of precipitation for an entire year was the norm. By precipitation, I mean the combined amounts of rain and the measurable precipitation in snow.

There was an upswing in yearly precipitation from the 40s through the 90s, but not much. According to weather data, we’ve been back in drought status for the past couple of decades. Our average yearly precipitation has been around 17 inches. Spread out over a year, that’s a meager 1.41 inches per month.


What does a lack of precipitation have to do with the last thing I emptied?


It rained and hailed last night. When I checked the rain gauge mid-afternoon, there was a whopping .25 inches of rain in it. Woo Hoo!!!

With an eye to the storm clouds building to the west and the hope that more rain will follow this one, I emptied the rain gauge.





Until next time,
Kaye Spencer
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