Me on Monday 3/27/2023 Lazy afternoon on a blustery day #meonmonday #mondaymusings

It’s March 27th, and the weather remains consitently unsettled in southeastern Colorado. No surprise in that. We had a gentle snow last night, which was pleasant to watch. It was a short-lived storm that left a thick dusting of snow and no accumulation. March has been cold and blustery to downright windy and miserable, which is typical for the beginning of the high school track and baseball seasons.

Today was a particularly cold and windy day, so I snuggled under a blanket on a comfy chair and watched a movie for a couple of hours this afternoon until it was time to walk the dogs.

Two of my many cats got cozy this afternoon with me. That’s Purrsephone on my lap and Ashes on the window perch.







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