Two for Tuesday 3/28/2023 Two songs with a similar theme – Del Shannon – Runaway and Bon Jovi – Runaway #twofortues #music 

On Two for Tuesday, I compare two songs with similar themes. Today’s songs not only have a similar theme, they have the same title. One is by Del Shannon, and the other is by Bon Jovi.


Both songs tell the angst-ridden, full-of-regrets lamentation regarding a girl/woman who has run away for unknown reasons. The narrators are haunted by unanswered questions stemming from a brokenhearted need to understand.

Del Shannon’s version was an immediate hit and reached Number 1 on Billboard Hot 100 song list in 1961. The song is on the Rolling Stone magazine’s list of 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. This song has a bouncy, light-hearted beat with a tune that borders on ear worm status. I love the organ solo in the middle.

Jon Bon Jovi recorded his song in 1981 before “Bon Jovi” was born. The song saw a revision and was released to radio in 1983. It went on to become the band’s first Top 40 hit in the U.S.

A couple of comments about the videos:

Del Shannon –  The girls dancing around him in a continuous circle look like they’re mashing grapes for wine or churning butter with their feet. I was six years old when this video was recorded. I’m glad I missed that particular dance craze.

Bon Jovi – The lyrics don’t work for me against the surreal nuclear fallout snippet at the beginning of the music video. Then again, many music videos of the 80s don’t really make sense with the lyrics. And may I just say…

The hair. The spandex.

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  1. I don’t think it’s a dance craze in the Del Shannon video. This looks like it came from an episode of “Shindig!” (or one of those shows) and the show’s dancers were told to do that.

    1. Ahhh. That hadn’t occurred to me. I don’t think I ever watched Shindig!, but I do know the show and its type. It’s silly-looking prancing, regardless of the show. hahahaha

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