Cellpic Sunday 4/23/2023 Springtime Bees #cellpic #bees

For #CellPic Sunday, here’s a nature picture I took with my cellphone.

I have wild plum bushes in my back yard. Blossoms popped out all over them about 10 days ago. Newly spring-awakened, hungry bees swarmed to get something good to eat while the getting was good.

John Steiner at Journeys with Johnbo blog invites us to post a photo we’ve taken with a mobile device such as a cellphone, tablet, dashcam, etc. and share it on #CellpicSunday.

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Kaye Spencer
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    1. Finally is certainly the situation here in the far southeastern corner of Colorado. We are drier than Dust Bowl years dry. It’s refreshing to seen some green and a few flowers showing up.

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