Favorite Childhood Books – Month of May 1st of 4 – 5/3/2023 #ThrowbackThursday #childrensbooks

For #ThrowbackThursday during the month of May, I will share four of my favorite young childhood books. The first one is a Little Golden Book: Four Little Kittens.

I’m convinced the story in this book had a huge influence on my life-long need (obsession?) with rescuing animals, particularly cats.

Four Little Kittens was written by Kalthleen N. Daly with pictures by Adriana Mazza Saciozzi. The copyright is 1957 by Western Publishing Company, Inc. in Racine, Wisconsin. ISBN: 0-307-02120-3

















I’d love to hear your stories about favorite books from your young childhood.

Side notes for upcoming Throwback Thursday posts:

I will share five favorite books I read in high school (10th through 12th grades 1971, 1972, 1973), because there are five Thursdays in June.

I will share four favorite books I read in upper elementary / junior high in July.

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