Songs from Childhood – 5/6/2023 #streamofconsciousness #socs

Our hostess, Linda G. Hill, asks us to share a song from our childhood for today’s #SoCS Stream of Consciousness prompt.

I’m reaching way back into my early childhood to the songs my grandpa sang to me when I was really little.

I only remember these few lyrics to this song that he sang to me, and you’ll be ever so grateful that I didn’t record myself singing it and share THAT with you.  😉

The boy stood on the burning deck.
His feet were full of blisters.
He tore his pants on a barbed wire fence.
Now he has to wear his sister’s.

As a little kid, these lyrics always made me giggle. Then, I learned years later that these lyrics are a parody of the rather serious poem Casabianca by the English poet Felicia Dorothea Hemans, which was first published in The Monthly Magazine, Vol 2, August 1826.

The two songs I remember most are…

Playmate come out and Play with Me


Pony Boy

I carried on my grandpa’s singing tradition, and I sang these songs to my three kids, and then to my six grandchildren, and now to my first great grandchild.

Some traditions need to be kept going.

Until next time,
Kaye Spencer
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  1. My grandpa had a delightfully off-colored sense of humor. I vaguely recall the next verses he made up weren’t entirely child appropriate. haha I’m sad that I don’t remember the words. 😉

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