Cellpic Sunday – Furry Friends 5/7/2023 #cellpic

These buddies who are soaking up some early Sunday morning sunshine are (cat) Baymax and Goldendoodle, Hero. They live with my two young grandsons. When Hero came to live with them and they told me her name, we had this conversation:

Me: Hero is an unusual name, especially for a girl, but it fits her gentle personality just as Hero in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing had a gentle personality.
Boys: We named her from the movie Big Hero 6.
Boys: And Baymax is the robot in the movie
Me: Okaaayyy…

John Steiner at Journeys with Johnbo blog invites us to post a photo we’ve taken with a mobile device such as a cellphone, tablet, dashcam, etc. and share it on #CellpicSunday.

Until next time,
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