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Mayhem and Moonshine is the title of my serialized story on the Kindle Vella platform. Rather than explain the details, here are two links to Learn About Kindle Vella and the Kindle Vella Reader Experience.

This story isn’t complete yet. As of today, there are 41 episodes available to read. My loosey-goosey target number of episodes is 100. I plan to leave the story on the Kindle Vella platform and also publish it as a novel once the story is finished.

Mayhem and Moonshine is a historical romance with action/adventure components. It is set in the summer of 1957 in Kentucky.

Hotshot FBI revenue agent Nolan Kane finally gets a lead on the source of an Appalachian moonshine operation, when a transport car crashes in North Carolina. He links the deceased driver to a Kentucky family. He arrives in the small town of Elk Meadow itching for a quick bust and the commendation that will follow. When a sassy dame driving a fast car zooms into his life, his ladder-climbing career plans take a sharp turn in a different direction. Her name is Mae-Ellen, but the locals call her Frank Ramsay’s wayward daughter. For this G-Man, she turns out to be pure mayhem.

The first three episodes are free-reads, so you’re out nothing but a few minutes of reading time if you’re so inclined to give the story a try.

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