Cellpic Sunday – A discarded flashcard 5/21/2023 #cellpic

On a slushy-snowy October afternoon in the fall of 2020, while I was on a walk with my dogs, I came across twenty-ish English/Spanish flashcards strewn along the street for nearly the length of the block. At first, I was a tad perturbed to think the flashcards been purposely discarded, then I reconsidered and decided they had probably been accidently dropped, and the owner was now sad.

I gathered up the ruined cards and put them in the trash.

On January 28, 2021, while walking the same route, I noticed this flashcard way up under the low-hanging, protective boughs of an evergreen tree. The flashcard had survived relatively unscathed from October to almost February.

I took it home.

















John Steiner at Journeys with Johnbo blog invites us to post a photo taken with a mobile device such as a cellphone, tablet, dashcam, etc. and share it on #CellpicSunday.

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