Throwback Thursday – Favorite Childhood Books – Month of May – 4th of 4 #throwbackthursday #childhoodbooks

For #ThrowbackThursday during the month of May, I have shared my favorite young childhood books. Today’s book is the fourth of those four books.

The Farm on the Hill

I memorized this book from reading it over and over and over. My mom admitted she was relieved when I memorized it (before I could read), so she had some relief from reading it to me. 😉 After all these years, I can still recite most of it without checking for a memory-nudge.

I like to visit the farm on the hill.
I like Aunt Bess and Uncle Bill.
Tabby is my favorite cat…

This little book is a “Tell-A-Tales Books” published by Whitman Publishing Division of Western Publishing Company, Inc. in Racine, Wisconsin, copyright 1961. The author is Nancy Hoag Wolff, and the illustrator is Hertha Depper.

This is the back cover with a list of other “Tell-a-Tales” Books.

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