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Hello, Friday!

For #FiveforFriday, here are five paragraphs from the beginning of Chapter Five in my western romance novel, Gambling with Love.



Nick spent another guilt-ridden night for leaving Lainie locked up two nights running. He’d gotten out of bed countless times to go to her, and each time he’d thought better of it. Waking her in the middle of the night just to ease his conscience wouldn’t fix anything between them. Just before daylight, Nick headed to the lobby, and a sleepy-eyed clerk greeted him.

“Good morning, Marshal. I was coming up with a telegram for you.”

“Thanks.” Nick opened the sealed envelope and saw right away it was from his headquarters.

Developments in Saunderson case. Victim left heretofore unknown evidence possibly identifying murderer. Authenticity verification underway. Suspect’s statement imperative. Relay to suspect Welton & Myers law firm has taken defense. Maintain constant protection. Sparks arriving from Julesburg to assist with escort. Bring suspect to Charlotte immediately. Report daily. Will advise accordingly.

Hitting the street at a brisk walk, Nick headed for the jail. With Julesburg not a hundred miles away, he expected his partner A. J. with the next westbound, but there was no telling with the haphazard train schedule.



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