Hello Friday! 6/2/2023 Girl on the Billboard song #fridayfavorites #noveltysong

Hello Friday!

I’m a bit tardy getting my Friday post out, so it’s more like Hello Friday night in Colorado. Ha

I came across this little gem of trivia on the website songfacts.com for June 2, 2003.

A painting of Kylie Minogue wearing gold hot pants causes tempers to fray among drivers in Brighton, UK. Artist Simon Etheridge put up the almost life-size picture in his own Art Asylum gallery as part of a Festival and since then motorists have caused regular traffic hold-ups as they stopped to take a second look.

This made me think of the 1965 classic country song Girl on the Billboard sung by Del Reeves, which has a similar storyline. The song is also a novelty song, which is a type of song with a novel concept or gimmick.

I was 10 years old when this song hit the AM radio station airwaves in my hometown. It tickled me every time I heard it. It still makes me smile. Silly as the song is, it was Reeves’ only No. 1 single, and it spent two weeks at the top of the country chars and 20 weeks total on the chart.

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