It’s raining. It’s pouring. 6/5/2023 #meonmonday #mondaymusings #rain

I live nearly in the center of the bowl of the 1930s Dust Bowl region. I posted a few weeks ago that we don’t get a lot of rain or snow…except the years when we get a lot of rain or snow.

This spring has been one of those nontypical wet springs. It’s rained roughly every other day for a couple of weeks or more.

We’re green and wet and the temperatures have been unseasonably cool. It’s been challenging to keep ahead of mowing and weed-eating. It’s practically a jungle in my yard and in the alley, and I weed-whacked the daylights out of the weeds about 10 days ago.

I’ll take the green instead of our ubiquitous sunbaked brown. I know from the experience of living here for 32 years that when it warms up and the rains become infrequent, we’re going to pay dearly the rest of the summer with out semi-desert heat and dry days.

Here are comparison pictures a year apart of one corner of my yard. Last spring was hot and dry. This spring has been wet and cool.





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    1. The weather forecast looks like it will remain unseasonably cool and damp for another week-ish. Then we’ll be back to our drying-out normalcy.

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