Throwback Thursday – Favorite Books from High School Years – Month of June – 2nd of 5 books #throwbackthursday #favoritebooks

For #ThrowbackThursday during the month of June, I’m sharing my favorite books from my high school years. This was way back in the days when there wasn’t kindergarten for country kids (me), elementary school was 1st through 6th grades, junior high was 7th through 9th grades, and high school was 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.

I’m not including books that were ‘typical’ high school required reading. Some of those required classics I enjoyed more than others, and I have re-read many of them since.

For today, June 8th, I’m doubling up, because these favorite books are the first two in a trilogy that I discovered in high school. The third book came out in 1979 (The Last Enchantment). A fourth installment was published in 1983 (The Wicked Day).

The books are Mary Stewart’s Merlin Trilogy. The first book of the trilogy, The Crystal Cave, was published in 1970. The second, The Hollow Hills, was published in 1973.

I don’t remember how I stumbled upon these books, but I absolutely loved them. I’d read young adult, watered-down versions of the King Arthur stories, but it was The Crystal Cave that hooked me on everything I could get my hands (eyes) on about Arthurian legends from then on. I now have a substantial collection of Arthurian books.

This is my set.










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    1. Haha Now that these books I’m talking about on Throwback Thursday are on my mind, they’re moving ahead of others I’d planned to read soon. New books are great, but I love rereading the familiar favorites. They never disappoint or let me down. 😊

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