Throwback Thursday – Favorite Books from High School Years – Month of June – 3rd of 5 books #throwbackthursday #favoritebooks

For #ThrowbackThursday during the month of June, I will share my favorite books from my high school years. This was way back in the days when there wasn’t kindergarten for country kids (me), elementary school was 1st through 6th grades, junior high was 7th through 9th grades, and high school was 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.

I’m not including books that were ‘typical’ high school required reading. Some I enjoyed more than others, and I have re-read many of them since.

For today, June 15th, the book is Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. The original publication date is June 30, 1936. This is my copy.








I’ve read Gone with the Wind four times, give or take. I’ve watched the movie at least that many times, too. I have this framed quote, which is my favorite Scarlet O’Hara quote.







Gone with the Wind was my introduction to what became a lifelong interest in the American Civil War.

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  1. Great book, did you read the sequel, Scarlett. Obviously written by a different author, but very true to the characters. I really enjoyed it.

    1. I haven’t read Scarlett. I was interested in reading it, but I should have read it right when it was published, because when the tv mini series came out and Timothy Dalton was cast as Rhett Butler, I just couldn’t get past that. That casting didn’t work for me and then I was stuck with the image of him as Rhett Butler. Ugh. (I didn’t watch the mini series, either.)

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