It’s a Sight #SoCS 6/17/2023 Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS

Linda’s Stream of Consciousness challenge for today is to use the word(s) sight/site.


Last evening, our far southeastern corner of Colorado was hit by a severe thunderstorm. It didn’t produce a tornado, but we were under a warning for a few hours. We did get rain and wind with huge chunks of hail that broke out and cracked car windshields and dinged-up trees, flowers, and left divots in car hoods. It wasn’t a pretty sight to behold this morning.







As I write this, the weather is shaping up to be a repeat of last evening. It may be a sad sight again when the storm passes. I’m hoping a tornado doesn’t drop in for a visit. It’s more likely to rain and hail again. The damage left by large hail is certainly a sorry sight to see, but hail isn’t devastating like a tornado is.

I’ll be keeping a close watch on the sky for the next several hours, so I can catch sight of a funnel cloud and\or a tornado before the warning sirens go off.

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    1. Years ago, we had a weather radio. Our location falls “under the radar”, so it wasn’t particularly useful. We’re now on an emergency and weather notification text and email list. 🤷‍♀️

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