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For today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday, Linda’s topic is to write about the last thing I filled.

I have a feral cat feeder at my back yard fence along the alley. I’ve had many iterations of this feeder over the years, and I’ve relocated it a few times, too. I’ve been satisfied with the design of this feeder and also with its location…finally. Ha

Every morning, and again later in the day or early evening, I check the water and food.  This afternoon, I refreshed and refilled the water tub on the ground (right side of picture), and refilled the cat food in the three tubs inside the feeder on the shelf.

This is the front that faces the alley.
This is  yard side.
This is the ladder up to the feeder’s shelf. This is inside the yard.

The reason there isn’t a ladder on the alley side is to discourage skunks from getting to the cat food. Skunks aren’t efficient climbers, but if they can hook their front and back claws, they will climb. The skunk population in my little rural town is either overrunning or next to none. There is no in between. For a few years now, we’ve had hardly any skunks, which is all right with me. They are destructive and smelly. Skunks make a mess of the water bowls at night, and I have to scrub and refill the bowls daily when skunks are around.

This is the water bowl side. You can see through the feeder to the other side, which is where the ladder is.

My feral cat population has steadily dwindled over the 26 years I’ve lived in this location, which is good. I feed more of my tame housecats and friendly neighborhood cats than wild cats nowadays. My housecats have a large yard plus cat-sized and dog-sized doors at the back of the house available to them day and night. We have foxes that stop by for cat food occasionally, too. They don’t spill the bowls and soil the water bowls, which means I don’t have to refill them after they’ve been and gone.

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  1. What a great idea, we have a neighbourhood stray we feed. Steve, the drug dealing cat.

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