Rockin’ Roger #meonmonday #catsanddogs

Here’s my ginger cat Roger having a swinging good time. Harley, my nearly 18-year-old Jack Russell, is passing through.

Roger showed up at my house a year ago. One of his back legs was injured. It looked like he’d tangled with a car tire for the way the hide was peeled off the bone. He was skittish, but affectionate. He showed up almost daily, and I was able to tend his wound and give him amoxycillin.

By the end of the summer, he’d discovered the cat door, and he moved in permanently. He’s a sweetie. I named him Roger, so I could say “Roger” like Leo Goetz (Joe Pesci) does in the Lethal Weapon movies when he’s frustrated with Murtaugh (Danny Glover).


UPDATE: 6.21.2023 – Here’s a still picture of Roger.









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  1. What a gorgeous cat, do you have a photo where he’s looking at the camera? I’d love to draw him

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