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So, I’m a smidgeon late to say Hello, Friday!, so I’ll say, Hello, Friday night! ha

Here’s a trivia game for Five for Friday, called “If I could…”

1. If I could have any vice without repercussion, it would be…
as many Cuban cigars and as much Scotch whisky as I want.

2. If I could spend time with anyone from history, it would be…
Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

3. If I could live in the future in any sci-fi movie/tv show, it would be…

4. If I could change the ending of any classic novel, it would be…
Phantom of the Opera and Christine would stay with the Phantom.

5. If I could have any type of house I wanted, it would be…
A lighthouse, but on the shore, because I’m not going to and from my lighthouse via this method…

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