Two for Tuesday 7/4/2023 Two Tributes to the American Flag #twofortues #americanflag #July4th

To recognize our American holiday – July 4th Independence Day – I’m sharing two tributes to the American flag for #TwoForTuesday. Each tribute reminds us what the American flag represents. One is a spoken-word song, and the other is a stand-up performance (skit).

Ragged Old Flag by Johnny Cash


I Love Liberty by Robin Williams.

Johnny Cash wrote Ragged Old Flag and released it on April 5, 1974 on his 47th album of the same title. It is a spoken-word song that tells the story that a stranger new to the small town has with an old-timer who has a few things to say about the ragged old flag flying at the courthouse.

In the March 21, 1982 TV special, I Love Liberty, Robin Williams, dressed in the red, white, and blue stars and stripes, performed a skit from the anthropomorphized perspective of the American Flag. The television special was created by Norman Lear and presented by People for the American Way.

Robin Williams’ I Love Liberty skit is as iconic Robin Williams as a spoken-word song is for Johnny Cash. Both Ragged Old Flag and this I Love Liberty skit are relevant today.

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