All Star tournament Cellpic Sunday 7/9/2023 #cellpic

UPDATE: Let me complain a moment – I wrote and published this post on Sunday, July 9, 2023 via my Apple iPhone and the JetPack app. It published. A comment was left, and I replied. Great. Today, July 13th, this post has unpublished itself.

I apologize if you get this post twice in five days.

This happened another time when I created a blog post via the JetPack app on my phone. I find it exceedingly unacceptable behavior from an inanimate object. 😉


My grandson brothers have played in a four-day All Star Tournament that ended for them tonight. (Neither team made it to tomorrow’s championship playoff.)

Here’s a picture I caught (pun intended) of the older brother at first base.

I’m always pleased when I take an action picture, and it’s actually usable.

John at Journeys with Johnbo hosts Cellpic Sunday.

Until next time,

Kaye Spencer


  1. Nice catch (both for the baseman and the photographer!)
    I used to love taking photos at the games in our home town, but then they put up netting to protect the fans. Now all images must be captured through the netting. It takes the fun out of the photos. >grin<

    1. I admit I was pleasantly surprised that several of the action pictures I took of both brothers turned out decent. The small sports complex fields have varying heights of chain link fence, so we can still maneuver around the fences and manage to take pictures without the chain interfering.

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