Two for Tuesday 7/11/2023 Blue Eyes and Brown Eyes #twofortues #classiccountrymusic

Today’s Two for Tuesday comparison is Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain by Willie Nelson and Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue by Crystal Gayle.

Both songs tell the stories of loving and losing with all of the accompanying heartache—the crying, the lamenting, the regretting, the wishing it weren’t so. But, in the end, the relationship is over and there is no going back for the other person, whether the ending came about because of infidelity, death, or other circumstances that simply pulled them apart forever.

Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain is on Willie Nelson’s 1975 concept album, Red Headed Stranger. This song jumpstarted Willie’s singing and recording career. Prior to recording this song, Willie was gaining artistic success as a song writer. In October 1975, this song brought Willie his first Number 1 hit as a singer. The song was written by Fred Rose and first recorded in 1944 by Elton Britt in 1946. It has been covered countless times since. It is has achieved iconic country music song status as well as a Rolling Stone Magazine’s ranking of 302 on its list of 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. My first recollection of this song is by Slim Whitman.

Man Standing in the Middle of Empty Road
Pexels – Sebastian Voortman

Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue by Crystal Gayle was a Top Country hit in September 1977. It is on her album, We Must Believe in Magic. The song was Crystal’s first, and biggest, crossover pop hit as it reached Number One both country and pop charts. This song is considered her signature song as it launched her singing career. She won the Grammy in 1978 for Best Female Country Vocal Performance due to this song. The song was written by Richard Leigh, who wrote three of her other Top 10 hits.




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  1. Both of these are classics. Willie Nelson frequently breaks down the barrier between country music and standards, and anything he does sounds great. And Crystal Gayle … just wow.

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