Sap-Spa-Asp-Pas-Psa #SoCS 7/22/2023 Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS

Yellow and Green Trees Under the Blue Sky
Pexels – photo by Soly Moses

Driving a mile on past a No Trespassing sign, I parked off the asphalt at a scenic view area an hour before sunset. Situating my knapsack on my back and hooking the front strap clasps, I grasped my hiking stick, and stepped out to explore an Aspen grove of mature trees and saplings. The sapphire tinged clouds in the spacious view promised rain or maybe snow since this was late September. Keeping a firm hold on the long leash didn’t hamper Sparky, my English Spaniel puppy, from scampering and exploring and startling sparrows who took flight, much to Sparky’s barking delight.

When spatters of rain fell, we retraced our steps to the car. I looked back one last time for a glimpse of this pastoral scene. I was sad to leave, but it was best to get down the mountain ahead of the storm. Sparky jumped into the car and immediately passed out in the backseat from exuberant puppy exhaustion. The only keepsakes I took from this excursion were photographs. I left nature untouched from my brief visit. However, unaccustomed as I was from such hiking, I did take two aspirins to take the edge off how stiff and sore I was going to be in the morning.

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    1. I don’t make it to the Colorado mountains but every several years. The Aspens changing colors in late September are certainly a beautiful sight to see.

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