Two for Tuesday 7/25/2023 Buck Owens and Peaches and Herb #twofortues #classiccountrymusic #r&b

This week’s Two for Tuesday songs with a similar theme are from country music’s Buck Owens and the R&B-Soul duo Peaches and Herb.

Together Again




Together Again is a 1964 country song by Buck Owens who wrote, recorded, and took the song to No. 1, which bumped his other No. 1 song My Heart Skips a Beat out of the top spot on the country charts. Together Again was the “B” side to My Heart Skips a Beat’s “A” side. This “A” side being replaced by the “B” side at the number one position was an anomaly in the history of country music charting.


Reunited is a 1979 R&B song by the duo Peaches & Herb. The song was a crossover hit on the pop and soul charts. It spent weeks at No. 1 in the R&B singles and the Billboard Hot 100 singles charts. “Herb” Feemster was the constant singer in the duo, with seven different women singing the “Peaches” role, which was the nickname of the original singer, Francine Edna Hurd Barker. For Reunited, Peaches was Linda Greene Tavani. Reunited was their biggest hit.

couple, love, romantic
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These are feel-good second chance at love songs that express the joy of lost love reclaimed. The melodies are simple. The lyrics are heartfelt testaments to finding out love is still strong between the couple. While there is longing in the lyrics, there is also relief to have their love back.



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