One/Won #SoCS 7/29/2023 Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS

Three days ago, I bought a particular style of wall clock from an on-line company I’ve never ordered from before. I didn’t want, or need, one more account… sigh. Since placing that order, the company has sent two marketing emails a day. The last one they sent announced that I’m the chosen one in Colorado who has won a mystery offer.




Furthermore, “I got picked.” That wording just crawls up one side of me and down the other. Why not “You are the lucky winner” or “Look what you’ve won“?

‘I got picked’. Really? REALLY? Like cotton? Peaches? A nose? Sides? Belly button lint?

Well, isn’t this just wonderful?

You know what? If I don’t buy anything else from this company, I’ll save even more money. Who’s the Number One winner now?

Once I receive my clock, I will unsubscribe from the marketing emails that I didn’t sign up for when I created the account.


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  1. They’re all pretty awful about that. They think, because email is free, that they can send all they want. A lot of people have a second email address that they give when a retailer demands one, then go out there once a week and just delete everything there. I think GMail has a feature where you can add a suffix onto you email address that tells what kind of mail it is, so if your email address is, you can give the retailer, then set up a filter that says that anything addressed like that goes to junk.

    1. I didn’t know about a feature designating an email like that. 🤔 I do have a “throw away” gmail that I use for these types of situations and that helps.

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