A little celebration is in order 7/31/2023 #meonmonday #mondaymusings

I retired ten years ago from a career in education (teacher, administrator, school psychologist). Due to my years in education combined with my age, I was able to retire early for a little more money every month than if I’d remained in that school on the school’s pay schedule. Since I didn’t want to start over at a different school, I chose retirement.

Today, my husband retired from his long career in banking. He’s been retirement-celebrated by family and friends since Saturday, so this has turned into a multi-day event for him. 😉 This multi-day celebration will extend to the middle of August when my second oldest granddaughter, my husband, and I go to Santa Fe, New Mexico to the Santa Fe Opera to see a performance of Orfeo. This mini trip is to celebrate my granddaughter going off to college as well as my husband’s retirement.

Good times.


Person Holding Wine Glass
Pexels image by Evgeny Tchebotarev

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