Two for Tuesday 8/1/2023 Colorado Day and 2 State Songs #twofortues #statesongs #coloradoday

Today, August 1st, is Colorado Day. Colorado became a state in 1876, 100 years after 1776,  hence the nickname “Centennial” state. To recognize this day on #TwoforTuesday, here are the two, yes, two Colorado state songs:

 Where the Columbines Grow by A. J. Flynn


Rocky Mountain High by John Denver

A. J. Flynn was inspired to write Where the Columbines Grow when he was on a mountain hike and came upon a meadow filled with this beautiful state flower.

John Denver’s inspiration for Rocky Mountain High came from viewing the Perseid meteor shower when he was camping at Williams Lake near Aspen.

“Where the Columbines Grow” became the first state song in 1915, while “Rocky Mountain High” was named the second state song in 2007.

Because this brief and informative article on the University of Colorado Boulder’s website offers not only a nice explanation about each song and the respective composer, a performance of each song is included, therefore I won’t add videos within my article.

Colorado’s State Songs Share a Message that Still Resonates Today (Oct. 17, 2022) by Laurie J. Sampsel.

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  1. Kaye aka Debbie, I tried to like several of you pages, and my like is not accepted, don’t know why. My friend lives in Fort Collins and why I read post Colorado Day. Next I saw you are an established author. I am preparing to publish my first novel at 75 years of age. Now, I am following you.l . . just saying, Claudia

    1. I don’t know why, either. Hmmm I will investigate

      I’m Debra in “real life”, never Debbie.

      Good fortune on your novel-publishing adventure. 😉 Are you self-publishing? What is your novel about?

      (And thanks for the follow.)

      1. Thank you Debra. Morningside Drive is the title. Here’s the pitch; Joy Webb returns to Daytona Beach, after missing for thirty years to confront her father about the past. I’m working with an independent publisher.

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