Throwback Thursday 8/3/2023 Memories of Garden-Fresh Radishes #throwbackthursday

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Radishes. I love radishes. Well, raw radishes. I’ve never eaten them any other way. (Is there any other way?)

My Grandpa George always had a huge garden. He grew red radishes and white icicle rashes specifically for me (c. 1960-73).

He taught me how to pinch with my thumb and pointer finger just under the dirt at the top of a radish to gauge the size-readiness without disturbing the growing cycle. When radishes were ready, we’d pull, clean, and them right there in the garden. I loved the sharp, hot ‘bite’ in that first crunch. Add a sprinkle of salt, and they were even hotter. The flavor of a ‘store-bought’ radish can’t compare to the memories I have of the strong flavor of a radish from my grandpa’s garden.

Grandpa George in front of his house c. 1965

When we bought radishes at the store, it was my chore to cut them from the bunch and clean them. I was always careful to preserve the rubber band that held a bunch of radishes together. Back then, the rubber bands were thin and either blue or red. We practically hoarded those rubber bands.

So yesterday, when I was cleaning two bunches of radishes I’d purchased at the grocery store, I cut around the blue rubber band that is considerably thicker and stronger than the ones from my childhood. With a kind of reverence for my childhood and my grandpa’s garden-grown radishes, I put the rubber bands in my rubber band bag.

It was a good memory.







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