Once, Twice, Thrice #SoCS 8/05/2023 Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS

Lots Of Numbers
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I came across a political meme relevant to the latest political bruhaha in the U. S. this past week that used the familiar number words once, twice, three times from the chorus in Lionel Richie’s song Three Times a Lady in a cleverly parodied way.

I won’t post the meme, because politics isn’t my blogging bag, but an Internet search will provide variations on this meme-theme.

Then I thought about those number words in the song, and the grammatical incorrectness struck me for the first time.

Once, twice, three times

Shouldn’t it be once, twice, thrice times? Or one time, two times, three times?

Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, does it? HAHA That’s why I’m not a song lyrics writer, and also why I don’t write poetry, well, except for the occasional really awful Limerick.

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  1. They probably went with “three times” because it fit the song better, i.e. it needed two syllables and “thrice” only has one. Either that, or they didn’t know the word for “three times.”

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