I love dogs – 8/7/2023 #meonmonday #mondaymusings

I have six dogs that live at my house.

Three have been with me for years: two raised-together Jack Russell Terriers (with me 4 years), one Dachshund (with me 13 years). These three are rescue dogs. 

In the picture, Bogey is on the left. He is 16 years old. Harley is next to him. She will be 18 in September, Charlie, the Dachshund, has a red blanket behind him. He will be 16 in September.

The three mini Aussies are “grand-dogs” who are visiting for a few months. They are considerably younger than Bogey, Harley, and Charlie.

Marston is on the floor. Cora is on the couch on the right. I shared a picture of Cora cooling off in her wading pool on my July 17th blog.  ‘Zona (short for Arizona) is the brown and white Aussie in the middle. She doesn’t tolerate my many cats well. In fact, she takes it as a personal affront that cats, as a species, are allowed to walk the Earth. It was a particularly busy ‘Zona-chase-cat and cat-antagonize-‘Zona day. 😉 ‘Zona and her aversion to cats is a work-in-progress to help her reach a tolerance point for cats. She is making steady and positive progress.

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