Cellpic Sunday – Surprise in the flowers 8/13/2023 #cellpic #flowers #toads

Our far southeastern corner of the state (Colorado), specifically my county, which is the heart of the 1930s Dust Bowl, has received an unusually high amount of rainfall since the end of April to last night, I’ve recorded 13 inches of rain. Areas around the county have received even more. Considering the average moisture for an entire year in this county, which includes rain and snow is 17 inches, I’m a happy flower-growing camper.

I’ve read that there isn’t a place in the entire state categorized as ‘drought status’ right now. Apparently, this is the first time this has occurred state-wide since 2018. (I really thought it was longer ago than that.) 

The reason I’ve explained this about the rainfall is I can’t recall the last time a toad showed itself in my yard. I’m talking at least 15 years ago, perhaps longer. We have to have a lot of moisture in order for toads to surface from wherever they hang out when the weather has been too dry for too long.

Today, I had a lovely surprise to discover this chubby fellow in my flower patch at the front of my house.







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