The envelope, please 8/12/2023 #Streamofconsciousnesssaturday #socs

Closed Envelope on Yellow Background
Photo by Pexels and Karolina Grabowska

The Stream of Consciousness Saturday word for today is  “envelope”.

The Academy Awards Oscar winner envelope is the first thing I thought of.

The envelope came about in 1941. From 1929 to 1940, the ceremony was held three months prior to the formal announcement ceremony. Newspapers were on their honor not to reveal the winners until after the ceremony. The 1940 Oscar winners were leaked ahead of time, so trust was broken, and the secret envelope system was put in place.

My parents watched the Oscars ceremony every year. It was kind of a big night at our house. We were movie goers, so we knew what movies were in the running, which director, the songs, and all that. About 25 years ago, or so, the luster of the Oscars ceremony lost its shine for me. I can’t pin down an exact reason why I stopped anticipating Oscars night and then watching the ceremony and the pre-show events and all that, but I did. Maybe it became too political. 

“May I have the envelope, please?” and “The envelope, please” are sentences so memory-linked to my childhood and the excitement I remember on Oscars night that when I hear them, I immediately think of the Oscars.

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  1. I had a similar experience with the Eurovision Song Contest which used to be called “Grand Prix De La Chancon”. My family always watched it but I fell out of love with it in 1990s. Last year I watched it again and it was better but this year I missed it. 🥰

    1. I wonder about my apathy toward the Academy Awards ceremony is partially due to my age and that I don’t relate to the newer winners. Of course, there are exceptions, but overall, the glitter of Hollywood has faded for me.

      1. Maybe “glamorous” is simply not as important as it used to be in a world that starts to be devastated by the climate crisis. There are bigger fish to fry 😇

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