Blogging Challenges #SoCS 9/2/2023 Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS

I wasn’t able to get to my computer yesterday to write my Hello, Friday! blog post, so I asked myself, “Shall I choose to skip today, which would be the first day I’ve missed blogging since January 1st (which is a personal goal I set), or shall I choose to write a quick post via the Jetpack App on my phone?”

(This is awkward, I know.  It is stream of consciousness, after all.)

I went with the wrong decision. I wrote a quickie post via Jetpack App on my phone.

Today, when I checked, the App told me that it didn’t, in fact, publish my post yesterday. This is a bald faced App lie.

I saw it in my Jetpack notifications that it posted. To make this even more frustrating, I was instructed to Update this Draft post because it was, indeed, NOW not published. 

I’ve posted via the App a couple of times previously, and I had the same rotten experience. You’d think I would have learned.

This is how I feel about Jetpack:


I have finally learned from this frustrating lesson. Henceforth, I choose NOT to succumb to the Jetpack app to write a blog post ever again, even if that means I break my blogging streak this year. By my calculations, I have 120 days to go to meet my goal. Come January 1st, I will reassess.

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