Running down a dream 9/16/2023 #socs #classicrock

Today’s prompt is to use ‘run’ in whatever manner strikes our fancies.

I’ve been writing on a manuscript that I should have finished years ago. It’s one of those stories that had a fabulous beginning, which kept me excited about it, and I had no trouble putting words on paper.Β 

Then, as is my self-defeating writing habit, I succumbed to, “Oooh, shiny. This is a much better story idea. I’m going to stop writing on this one, and start the new story.”

I do that a lot, to my great dismay. I’m painfully aware that it’s a shortcoming in my character. I’m also aware that I’m the only one who can do anything to change this less than desirable characteristic.

On that note, I’m pleased to say that all summer I’ve resisted the urge to abandon the story I’m working on despite other ideas doing their best to lure me away. I’ve taken as my musical mantra, Tom Petty’s song, Running Down a Dream, because I am running down a dream. With each short story, novella, and novel that I finish and publish, I’m metaphorically running down a dream and working on a mystery and going wherever it leads. The closer I get to the end of this story, the more real it becomes that there is something good waiting at the end of this writing road.Β 

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    1. HAHA Comments sometimes get lost in a blogging dark hole. I hadn’t considered blogging about the story I’m currently working on until you nudged me for details/information about the story. I’ll see what I can come up with that isn’t too promo-ty or overkill. Thanks for your encouragement and interest.

  1. Thanks for the inspiration to get back to an old story started years ago. I’ve always loved this Tom Petty song – both the music and the lyrics are motivating.

    1. That’s great! Drag that story out, dust it off, and see where the story takes you now that you’ve been away from it. You’ll revisit it with new eyes and new ideas. πŸ˜‰

  2. I always felt that the trick was to write down the idea and save it for later. It might end up being part of the story you’re focused on eventually, and sometimes it helps when you’re stuck on your main story.

    1. Writing down ideas to save for later is good advice. I snippets of ideas on equally snippet-sized pieces of paper or napkins or backs of receipts that I’ve collected over the years. Sometimes, they do work as a boost to get over a writing ‘bump’.

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