Throwback Thursday 9/21/2023 Retro chatter phone #throwbackthursday

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This retro children’s pull toy certainly brings back some memories.

I had one, which would have been back in the early 1960s. I remember being too old for the toy’s targeted age group, but someone in my family, probably my least favorite aunt, gave me one for my birthday or some such. She was notorious for choosing either inappropriate toys or toys unsuited for a particular age and developmental level.

My oldest child (b. 1976) was given a new one when he was a toddler, and it survived his sister, b. 1978, and his brother, b. 1980. I think my oldest grandchild, b. 1996, had one that was probably picked up at a garage sale. I don’t think my other five grandchildren played with one (youngest born 2015). I know for sure my 15-month-old great grand son doesn’t have one.

The phone was called a Chatter Phone. It was made by Fisher-Price. The wheels turned, so when you pulled it along behind you, the eyes bobbed up and down in a totally freaky way, while the phone itself made a gawd-awful squeaky-chatter. The rotary dial was a working dial with an annoying bell that rang with every dial rotation.

The caption makes me laugh. 

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