Monday Musings 9/25/2023 Daily Blogging is Challenging #meonmonday #mondaymusings

confused, shrugging, shrug
Pixabay photo by hamiltonjch

On January 1, 2023, I challenged myself to blog daily for this entire year. I am proud to say I’ve met that challenge so far.

What I’m not going to brag about is the quality of every single blog post. Honestly, some days I was lucky to get a filler article/post written. 

Since September 23rd was the first day of autumn here in the U.S. and it also marked 100 days left in the year, I started counting down the blogging days. The song goes something like this…

A hundred articles to write on my blog.
A hundred articles to write.
I write one down, pass it around,
99 articles to write on my blog…

Today is Day 98 and counting down.


May the Commenting Force be with you.

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