Hello Friday! 9/28/2023 Last Friday in September #fiveforfriday #hellofriday

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Hello Friday!

Here in the far southeastern corner of Colorado, we’ve enjoyed a gentle transition from end of summer to beginning of autumn. Not too hot. Not too cold. Much like the perfect date of April 25th when you only need a light jacket. 😉

While this mild weather isn’t unusual for us, it did get me to wondering what the weather was like on the last Friday in September for the past few years.

Since I’ve kept a daily record of weather, local happenings, family doings, notable world events, and such since 2004, all I had to do was check those notebooks. This is what I discovered for the last Friday of September for the last five years.

2019 – September 27: Low 61 / High 84 – clear and calm
2020 – September 25: Low 50 / High 97 – clear and calm
2021 – September 24: Low 47 / High 80 – clear and calm
2022 – September 30: Low 51 / High 90 – clear and breezy
2023 – September 39: Low 53 / High 89 – clear and calm 

Evidently, the last Friday in September is typically pleasant and agreeable where I live, which is pleasant and agreeable with me. 🙂

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