Prime #SoCS 10/7/2023 Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS

Here’s a bit of prime trivia about me.

  • I’m not crazy about prime rib. I never order it at a restaurant. I mean, it’s not awful as far as red meat goes, but it’s a polite pass for me.
  • I’m in excellent health, but my age puts me past the prime of my life.
  • I have primed pumps and put primer on something I was going to paint.
  • I have my teacher-grandmother’s set of Dick and Jane reading books. The first one in the series is the primer level.

  • I know that the original meaning of prime time is centuries old, and it meant springtime back then.
  • Prime time to me means the shows that were on television in the evenings when Prime Time TV became a thing and caught on, so-to-speak, which was a broadcasting term that meant peak tuning-in period.
  • Some of my prime time tv shows were SOAP, Dallas, Wonderful World of Disney, Dynasty, Lawrence Welk, Mitch Miller, Gunsmoke, Bewitched, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Columbo, The Jeffersons, Taxi, Mork and Mindy, Beauty and the Beast...

I’ll stop. That’s more than plenty to age myself and test your reading patience. 😉

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Until we meet again,


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