Cellpic Sunday – Word Play Sign 10/8/2023 #cellpic

I was in the nearest big town on Saturday for a grandson’s soccer tournament. We went to Pizza Hut after the tournament was over. This sign made me laugh. I love word play.

Couple of side notes:

Grandson’s team of 1st , 2nd, and 3rd graders went undefeated the entire season, and they won the tournament, too. (He’s a 3rd grader.) He tried to be humble, but he was also fairly bursting at the seams that he scored 15 points total in the three tournament games.

When I say big town relative to my little town, I mean my town has a population of 1300, and the big town of Lamar, Colorado, 45 miles away, has a population of 7600.

John at Journeys with JohnBo hosts Cellpic Sunday.

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  1. I always enjoy interesting signs, especially with a humorous twist. On our fall trip last month, we saw one that went by before I could take a photo. It was a portable sign in front of an antiques store. The sign read, “We sell dead people’s stuff.”

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