Gate Latch #SoCS 10/14/2023 Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS

Linda’s prompt this week for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “last thing that broke/you had to fix.” Think about the word that best describes the last thing that stopped working for you and use that word any way you’d like.

Just this past August, I moved the back yard fence closer to alley so I wouldn’t have to open the gate in order to reach the trash dumpster. By moving the fence, I am able to simply reach over the fence, lift the dumpster’s lid, and drop in the bag of trash, instead of opening the gate and walking along the alley to the dumpster. Easy-peasy, Lemon-squeezy.

This is a temporary set-up, though. I’ll see how this goes through the winter. If I continue to like the way I have the alley fence arranged, I’ll make it more permanent in the spring with a better gate and real latch.

The latch is what recently broke and had to be replaced. The latch is a cheap Dollar Store bungee cord. It doesn’t take long for the cord to stretch out and for the ends to pull loose from the hooks. My experience with these cords is they fall apart every couple of months, but it’s all I had on hand. I’ll swap the cheap cord for a stronger black rubbery bungee cord as soon as I get to a store to buy one.

Thinking about cords reminded me of the litter of Dachshund puppies I babysat years ago while their human mom went to work during the day. The little darlings chomped through the landline telephone cord, ruined an electric blanket cord, completely annihilated an electric cord, and carved wooden furniture legs with their piranha-like baby teeth. Little stinkers. (Puppies image from Pixabay)

puppies, puppy, pup

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    1. Funny story about that. The human mom was my mom. She worked an early morning to noon-ish shift, and I was attending college in the afternoons and evenings. She’d drop the puppies off with me, then come back and get them when she was off work. She and I both thought the puppy-chompers were hilariously cute and funny, but she did replace the phone cord and buy me a new electric blanket. 😉

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