Not a Material Girl #SoCS 10/21/2023 Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS

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Madonna’s 80s song and video Material Girl are the first material-related thoughts I had when I read Linda’s Stream of Consciousness prompt for today. I dismissed using that song, because I’m not all that crazy about it, plus it doesn’t match my personality.

I did, however, contemplate what being materialistic means to me. I decided materialistic means owning things for the sake of having more stuff than someone else, along with having the disposable money to keep buying more of those things.

I don’t mean this in a hoarding sense. I mean it in the way a friend of mine told me many years ago not long after she’d married a man for his with money: “I just bought a bread machine, programmable slow cooker, and a heavy duty stand mixer. Now I have all the major appliances.”

I looked around my middle class kitchen to check if I possessed all the major appliances according to her standards, and I came up short. I didn’t have any of those. Neither did I rush out and purchase them, although I do currently own a refurbished bread machine, a non-programmable slow cooker, and a Dollar Store hand mixer.

Anyway, that train of thought led me to ABBA’s song Money, Money, Money. I watched the ‘official’ video…

which then sent me barreling along another train-of-thought-track that the singing mouth/lips in the ABBA video reminded me of the singing mouth/lips in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Lips from Rocky Horror Picture Show

which made me realize I’d completely lost focus for today’s Stream of Consciousness prompt.


I’ll wrap this up with saying I am not a material girl. I have a small (paid for) house that was built in 1942. I don’t have a garage or carport. I have a fenced yard for my cats and dogs. I drive a 2010 Malibu with 140,000 miles and massive hail damage (see note about no garage/car port). I have a comfortable bit of savings and an adequate, but modest, monthly retirement check. I get to write romance novels and grow flowers.

Everyone in my immediate family is employed or attending school or happy-toddler-aged, healthy, and making their individual ways in life without too much life-stress. I’m healthy and content. I can’t think of a single materialistic thing I want or need that would make my life more fulfilled than it already is. I’m satisfied with what I have, which is just enough.







Until we meet again,


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