Cellpic Sunday 10/22/2023 Walking on crunchy mud #cellpic

This was in mid-July 2017. I was staying with my grandsons (brothers ages 2 and 5 at the time) at their house in the country. A horrendous storm descended with gale force wind and torrential rain that came hard and fast. You can’t tell that under that lake of water is an alfalfa field. The water rose up around the foundation of the house, which is built up a bit from the level of the driveway, and a river of rain water rushed through the yard during the height of the storm.







I had to show you the rain-soaked pictures, because the next picture is what that same area looked like once the water soaked in and the temperature soared into the 100 degree range for several days, which quick-dried the mud. Out here on the eastern Colorado prairie, when mud dries too fast after such a rain as this one, the dirt curls into chunks of broken, crunchy dirt mud-cakes.

I can’t get enough of walking on crunchy dirt mud-cakes. It doesn’t happen often, so I’m absolutely delighted when it does. I’m a little kid again, and it just makes me happy all over.

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