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During the month of October, I’ve shared excerpts on Throwback Thursday from my novelette, novella, and novel that have paranormal-lite storylines. I call them ‘lite’, because the paranormal elements aren’t scary. They’re otherworldly. I don’t write scary/horror stories, and I don’t read or watch scary/horror, because…well…it scares me. hahahaha

I posted an excerpt from my novelette, For Love of a Brystile Witch, on Oct. 5th, an excerpt from my novella, Give Me Tomorrow, on Oct. 12th, and excerpt one of two from my western romance The Gunfighter’s Woman on Oct. 19th (including blurb and story background which, by way of refresher, is based on the old cowboy song Ghost riders in the Sky.)

Excerpt 2 (Note: excerpt is appropriate for all ages – the story is for mature readers)

Matt awoke in the dark minutes just before dawn to still cold air, a dusting of snow, and the feel of a storm bearing down. He got a fire and coffee going without waking John, then hunkered into his coat while he squatted at the edge of the fire with jerked beef and hardtack. When the coffee was ready, he poured a cup and inhaled the pungent aroma rising on the steam—and froze. Off to the side, just out of his direct vision, Matt sensed a shadow where none had been. Then, the air rippled on an instant of breeze, and a man appeared at the edge of the firelight circle. A few weeks ago, seeing Gregory had scared the hell out of him. Now, he thought of him as an old friend.

“John. Wake up.” Matt tugged at the foot of the parson’s blankets to rouse him. “We’ve got company.”

John fumbled for his spectacles. “What? A visitor? Where?”

Matt jerked a nod. “To your left at the edge of camp.”

John peered, adjusted his spectacles, and whispered out of the corner of his mouth. “Why is he just standing there?”

“That’s what I’m trying to figure out.”

Squinting and bobbing his head, John said, “He seems familiar, now that I look at him more closely.”

“He’s the man we were both following when I bumped into you in Taos.”

“Yes. I see that now. This is most unusual. Why did he follow us? And why doesn’t he speak? It’s unnerving how he’s watching us.” John dragged his attention from the stranger to look at Matt.

“His name’s Gregory Gérard. Brenna’s dead husband.” Matt cut a sidelong glance at John. The parson’s face went white as the snow on his blankets.

“You…you mean he’s a gh—ghost?”


John swallowed hard, his gaze riveted on Gregory. “Is he of a malevolent nature or amiable?”

“I’ve pondered that one myself…”

Drumroll… As promised last week, here is the music video of Ghost riders in the Sky by VoicePlay member Geoff Castellucci.

The Gunfighter’s Woman is available at Amazon in eBook, Print, and KindleUnlimited.



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